Matthew “Kobi” LaCroix is a graphic artist, sandwich maker, mustache farmer, amateur Christmas tree impersonator, and interim sheriff of Saturn, who occasionally draws stupid cartoons and writes really weird music. He may also be a two-headed fox-shaped lava monster, depending on which dimension of time and space you meet him in.

When he's not snowboarding in his crystal palace on the moon or making love to three hundred women and a Kenmore dishwasher simultaneously, he can be found in his studio, belching out random words and noises, some of which may get recorded accidentally. These accidents are then accidentally encoded to MP3 and Ogg Vorbis and accidentally uploaded to the internet, where they accidentally make him buttloads of money.

Alas, if this were true…

He is currently working on a couple albums, tentatively titled “Lasers and Shampoo”, and “The Other Album That Is Not Lasers and Shampoo”. He's also working on a graphic novel that should be out real soon now. He comes in three different colors and can be stored in your glove compartment.

The X is silent, and the Q is invisible.