What you've got is only worth what you can get with it.

If you'll have to do it eventually, do it now.

Anyone who frequently shouts, "Bullshit!" is probably self-promoting.

The more you learn, the more you find you will never know.

Your last released work is advertising for the next one.

Do a million things right, the praise never comes; make one mistake, the complaints never stop.

A thorough job always costs less to do than a hasty job costs to fix.

An artist's job is to observe, not to merely be seen. A musician's job is to listen, not to merely be heard.

You can't put out a file by scolding it.

You commit the evils that you refuse to prevent.

The best way to keep someone imprisoned is to convince them that they've already escaped.

Busy hands don't point fingers.

When God closes a door, kick it open.

Understand how your enemy thinks, and you'll know their plans before they even make them.

The more you worry about the future, the less future you'll have to worry about.

You don't win by matching your opponent move for move, but by making a move that your opponent can't match.

All stories are fiction.

Strive to do the best you can, not the worst you can get away with.

If you praise someone for the choice that they made, you insult those who never got to make that choice.

The inverse of a myth is not the truth.

When in Rome, do as the Vandals did.

Never base your identity on others' expectations or presumptions, even if it's to prove them wrong.

Better to do nothing than to half-ass the attempt.

If the existence of a problem surprises you, then you probably caused it.

Hate and veneration dehumanize equally.

If you try to make every choice on your own, you won't get the knowledge that you need, because you won't know that you need it.

True remorse means respecting your victim's right to not forgive you.

Demanding everything now is a good way to get nothing ever.

For anything to be saved, it must be shared.

Obey the laws of men and men will exploit you. Respect the ways of nature and nature will free you.

Mutilate the hand that feeds you.

No-one fails uniquely.

Whatever your target, don't aim to meet it but to pass through it.

You can't legislate morality, nor should you derive your morals from legislation.