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Rise of the Hyena People

Released October 23, 2022

When I released my very first comedy album (you know, the one with the unnecessarily long name), I included a phrase in the title that I just knew I would have to make into a song one day. Well, that song finally exists now, and it only took me a freakin’ decade (as opposed to a regular decade)!

“Rise of the Hyena People” is available at Bandcamp.

Rise of the Hyena People

I’ll Get You Yet

Released February 27, 2022

A powerful rocker inspired by all those cartoons we would watch as kids where some nasty voracious predator would go to unreasonable lengths to catch some wiseass walking pot roast poor innocent creature, only to be done in by their own hubris, or sometimes a giant boulder.

“I’ll Get You Yet” is available at Bandcamp at name-your-own-price.

I’ll Get You Yet


Released May 7, 2021

A parable of parasites and bourgeois aspirations, where the brainwashed prey compete to be consumed. But predator beware, you are not immune!

This song is a part of a planned album project based on monsters and monstrosity.

“Rats” is available at Bandcamp at name-your-own-price.


The Ballad of Forklift Henry

Released April 2, 2021

Friends, comrades, and industrial equipment enthusiasts, Kobi LaCroix is proud to bring you the gripping story of a man and his forklift.

“The Ballad of Forklift Henry” is available at Bandcamp at name-your-own-price.

The Ballad of Forklift Henry Cover

Ivan the Onion

Released December 7, 2019

Have you ever wanted to listen to a 7-minute absurd mishmash of music about an onion, that bastardizes about a dozen different genres and uses about a hundred instances of Synth1? Of course you have.

“Ivan the Onion” is available at Bandcamp at name-your-own-price.

Ivan the Onion Cover


Released April 1, 2018

In November 2017, Kobi LaCroix took part in NaSoAlMo, a musical challenge in which participants are given a month to write, record, and release an album, which must be at least 30 minutes long. This was to be his attempt at the outrun/retro/synthwave genre, although not everything he ended up producing would necessarily fit this category. “FOXRUN Demo” is an album of some of the finished instrumentals from that project.

“FOXRUN Demo” is available at Bandcamp at name-your-own-price.

FOXRUN Demo Cover


A progressive/experimental rock band based out of Portland, OR

Scott Jeffries
Kobi LaCroix
Lexi Stern
Scott Melville

Reverser In Neutral

Released November 30, 2020

Reverser In Neutral Cover


Released July 12, 2017

GR Cover