Art from 2019

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Roady Badge


Badge commission for Roady Dragonfae

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All the Salami


Caramel has some good news!

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Pizza Taur


His dad was a police dog. His mom was a trickster god. He’s the world’s fastest pizza dog.

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  • They’re brothers who can mind-meld at will.
  • The funny one is Ray; the sultry one is Shawn. They go by Rashawn when fully melded.
  • One personality can take more control than the other depending on the situation. They can also switch personalities between heads.
  • Ray has brown eyes; Shawn has green eyes. Their eyes change color depending on who is in control of which head. When melded, their eyes turn blue.
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Multi Bear Beer


Red Bull may give you wings, but this drink gives you faces. And gas.

I haven’t done much lineless art, and this one ended up taking more work than I thought it would, but I love how it turned out. I might do a lot more art with this look.

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My Favorite Part


Get a load of this guy. Watching TV at 4 AM, eating chips on the couch. Those are the really good chips, too! Those were supposed to be for the party!

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Six-tailed fox with an extra detachable head. Agender, he/him. Wears whatever is comfortable, which is usually next to nothing.

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Published: Fri, 06 Mar 2020 09:04:55 GMT
Stabby McStabberson Strikes Again


Conrad hates people stabbing him without his permission. It’s a real mood-killer.

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You Have Toxoplasmosis, Conrad!


No idea if this is a rare strain that’s also responsible for his super regeneration powers, but it may explain why he enjoys having big cats tear him to shreds.

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Nieto 64


Commission for Nieto. Making proper use of the 3-handled controller.

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DNA Test


Wyatt the Hydrotter and his dad for this year’s Draw Cerberus Day. (Yeah, I know he’s a hydra and not a cerb. Shush.)

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Dr. Jillian Nobles


Jillian Nobles, Psychotherapist

Feeling hopeless? Isolated? Invalidated? Or just really weird? She can help.

  • Fully licensed and verified
  • 20 years of experience
  • Literally a two-headed elephant
  • One-on-one or group therapy
  • Technically all her sessions are group sessions
  • Also a goo monster
  • Accepts Medicare
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I saw a video where someone claimed that people like music in 4/4 because we have two legs. It made me think, “If that were true, then would three-leggers prefer to waltz?”

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Clara v2


Trying a new look for Clara

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