Art from 2020

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Odhrán Triplecat


Just a character I thought up while doing nothing in particular. His name is Odhrán. Shy, elusive, spends a lot of time in trees. Possibly a nature spirit.

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Connie Sharktaur


Introducing: Fluffsharktaur Plus! Now in stereo!

Commission for Connie.

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Gabe — Fracture


He gets better; don’t worry.

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Caudy Needs Paws


Mr. Valentin has called an emergency business meeting. He’s actually a shapeshifting nanogel cougar, so he can just grow more paws if he wants to. What he wants is for you to grow more paws. You know, to help the economy.

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Hextaur Problem


I was talking to Yatchi about hextaurs and how awkward it would be to try to walk on six legs.

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Hax and PowPow


A commission for Hax, featuring their character and my shibe chalk artist, Powder Paws.

Apparently they’re from some other planet or dimension and easily impressed by mundane Earth stuff, and I always like having a reason to draw Powpow. So, this.

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Big Steppy Bob


Bobskunk doin’ an big steppy, because he’s an good skunk.

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Commune College Hosts


All the hosts of Commune College: Hyperlink, Keeble, and Proxy.

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So I was catching up on old episodes of Commune College and it occurred to me that I hadn’t done any serious drawing in a while, so anyway here’s one of the CC hosts, Hyperlink.

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Tripp Kicks


One of Tripp’s favorite foottball teams was holding open tryouts, and he figured that having 1.5 the leg of all the other kickers in the league would give him an advantage over the competition. His first kick went 69 yards straight up, 15 inches forward, and about 200 yards wide right, landing in the parking lot and knocking the side mirror off the head scout’s Chevy Equinox. He was billed for the damage and told never to come back.

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Another Voice


More Conrad

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Hexadoodle Centaur


Commission for Hexadoodle

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Give It a Swig!


Coyote and Badger have a good but slightly awkward friendship.

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Year of the Rat 2020

2020-year-of-the-rat 2020-year-of-the-rat-no-glasses

Time for mischief!

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