Art from 2022

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RaccRacc Spy

Sneaking into a certain tech company HQ to steal all their code.

Adopted by TenPoundHammer

Rise of the Hyena People

The cover art for my most recent single, a horror metal/comedy song about werehyenas devouring everyone. Because what else could it be?

Kobi Cerb Taur

Hi! X3

(Did I mention Kobi’s fur patterns are really complicated? Because they are.)

Matu 2022

A late summer look for Matu.

Moo? Moo!

Brax arguing with themselves over something important. Or this could be their reaction to growing a second head.

Kepler – Eight-Legged Edition

The world’s fastest delivery dog, on another job. I’m naming him Kepler. I’ve also decided he can change how many arms and legs he has, but he always has at least eight limbs total.


A lynxtaur roadie. He was once a keyboard tech for one of the world’s biggest bands, until one day the band asked him to fill in on keys after their regular keyboardist suffered an embarrassing injury to both their wrists and their ass.

Clouded Leopard Bellhop

No name for him yet, but I’m leaning towards Bobby.

Finger Gnus!

I learned a new magic trick! And it’s not entirely useless!

Conrad in the ’90s

A little outside my usual style.

Canonically, he’s in his 70s, although he looks much younger because of his weird regeneration ability. So he would have been in his 30s or 40s here, and dressed like a teenager because he has absolutely no dignity.


Two heads makes the scheme twice as clever. Although if it fails, they’ll be arguing forever over whose fault it was.

Double Caramel

Caramel somehow gained an extra head, and now this is all he ever does anymore.

Bagel Boartaur

Everything bagels are the best.

I’m gonna call him Floyd.

Packard Ghostcat

He’s a ghost, but he’s not actually dead; he’s just from a slightly different plane of reality. He can do a few ghostly tricks, though, like phase through walls and turn into smoke. Personality-wise, he’s a total sweetheart but very shy. He loves doing puzzles and hates loud noises. He usually wears muted colors to bring out the vivid green in his eyes.

Zach Tackett

Zach Tackett, Gabe’s cousin. He works at a 24-hour convenience store, and is easily one of their most charming employees.


Apparently, this is how you say wolftaur in Russian. Volk, from the classic Soviet animated cartoon, “Nu, pogodi!”

I think I like him better this way.

Matu–Big Tail

Oh, this is new!

I wonder if it’s permanent.

*fingers crossed*

Matu–Tusk Problem

“So like, does it go over the tusks? Or do I just kinda wrap the straps around them, or what?”

I hadn’t drawn Matu in a while. I figured it was time to change that while also giving him a small design update.