Art from 2021

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Pythos Cerbskunk


I owed Pythos a trade pic from years ago, and I wanted an excuse to draw a cerb skunk for #skunktember and #cerbtember over on Twitter.

In this case, though, he's more like a cheetah/skunk mix. You might call him a “chunk”. Which he certainly is.

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Flamme Cerb Taur

flamme-cerb-taur flamme-cerb-taur-thick-lines

Commission for Flamme.

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Kobi: Taur Track Pants


taur pants taur pants taur pants taur pants

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Maddox Makes an Offer


Maddox all dressed up and ready to make some deals.

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I had hyenas and headhands on the brain, and I also wanted to try out a new inking brush in SAI2. Their name is Maddox. Star's cousin, perhaps?

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Odhrán Triplecat v2


While I was working on updating my commission info I realized I didn't have a SFW example of my colored and shaded sketches, so I put some shading on my sketch of Odhrán from last year.

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Solaster Regal


A regal commission for Solaster.

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Taur Talk


If you’re going to talk taurs, it helps to be one.

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Bob’s Butts


Butt-and-a-half commission for Bobskunk

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How to Win an Argument


…with this one weird trick.

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Kagan Bust


A quick bust of Kagan. The Neptune glyph on his necklace signifies that he’s a liquid shifter.

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Incredible Tales


Odhrán and Kagan, his panthertaur boyfriend, in a parallel universe where it’s always the ’80s and everyone is gay.

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Dorothy Braxton


Usually goes by either “Roth” or “Brax”
They/them pronouns, but one mind
Loves to help people
Loves to lick people
They will lick you.

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