Art from 2023

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I’m thinking he may be a god of wit and whimsy.


Commission for Kampa. I decided to go for a vaguely grunge-inspired outfit for this character. I don’t draw snakes very often, so this was a fun challenge.


Commission for Darkwing of his character, Ally, an enchanter featured in his webcomic, “At Arm’s Length”.

She usually doesn’t have this many heads and arms, but you know how magic is, sometimes it gets a little screwy.


A cyborg horse from the 22nd century. He can swap out different parts of his body, hence his name.

Conrad — Bye, Nazi!

The last thing a Nazi punk sees before they’re quickly relieved of the use of their eyeballs.

Conrad — Sledgehammer!

Graphic design and smashing capitalism are both my passion.

Handball Freaks № 2: Lessi

Of course, the sport is called handball, so naturally, the best advantage would be gained from having more hands than any of the other players.

Handball Freaks № 1: Odhrán

Everyone knows that six fingers make for a superior grip. Add natural feline agility and three pairs of eyes to survey the whole court, and Odhrán totally owns this game.

Sam and Cosmos — Doubled Liger

Mischief is indeed afoot! And a head, and an arm or two.

The second part of a two-part commission for Juniper, featuring her character, Sam, and her partner, Cosmos Liger, who just became a two-for-one special.

Sam and Cosmos — Mischief Afoot

The first part of a two-part commission for Juniper, featuring her character, Sam, and her partner, Cosmos Liger.

Sam is a magical shapeshifting dog who can also work their multi-shifting powers onto others, and right now she’s got a certain look in her eyes that Cosmos knows all too well…


What a cruel thing to say!

Dama Doing Business

Dama the giant wolfdog looking over some business proposal.

Becoming a Lion

A little-talked-about hazard of playing in a 1970s jazz/rock fusion band is that occasionally one of your bandmates will just randomly turn into an animal, and you have to just roll with it.

Kobi Fancied Up

Kobi, all dressed up in his fanciest outfit.

This is more or less what my fursona has been meant to look like all these years. I just don’t bother drawing clothes on him most of the time.

Brent and Ryan Lecturing

Brent and Ryan giving a lecture at the university, explaining how, theoretically, you can—but shouldn’t—bake a potato with a particle accelerator.

Brent and Ryan

They were a couple of whiz kids who met in an after-school gifted program. One day they were messing around with a teleporter they built out of household appliances, and one of them forgot to wait for the other to get off the receiving platform. They eventually got used to their condition, and now they’re all grown up, and they have PhDs in astronomy and particle physics, and a Master’s degree in culinary arts.

They each have their own separate consciousness, but they can “hear” each other’s thoughts. Control of different parts of their body isn’t fixed in any way, and some parts they swap control between them. Brent, being the more athletic of the two, takes control of their whole body whenever they go out biking or running or doing any other sports. Ryan plays about a dozen instruments, including guitar, piano, and saxophone, and sometimes Brent joins him on piano, each of them taking a hand. They only have one mouth, so they have to take turns speaking, but their voices are just different enough to tell them apart.

Death and Stimpy

Death has decided that Stimpy is just too stupid to live the rest of his lives, and Stimpy doesn’t want to play this game anymore.

Death Weirded Out

POV: You meet Death and call him “Daddy”.

Inspired by the fact that everyone and their mom is getting hot for this lupine personification of death for some strange reason.

Death, from the movie “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish”, © Dreamworks 2022.

Matu — Surprise Tail Growth

Poor Matu, yet another hapless victim of Magical Purple TF Smoke™.

Wyatt Doubled

Wyatt the otter, moments before discovering he has hydra DNA.

Handy Horse

Lessi Quattromani, former goalie/current coach of an all-equine soccer team.