Art from 2021

(Mature Section)

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Puddle of Marcus


“Ahh, no better way to beat the heat than to roll around in a big puddle of me!”

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Solaster Regal


A regal commission for Solaster.

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Conrad’s Tits 3


Conrad still can’t explain how he ended up with them, but you know what they say, when life hands you melons, uh, something something…

Conrad’s Tits 1
Conrad’s Tits 2

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Just Vibing


They have names now. The human is Daniel, and the cerbcockwolf is Tyrone.

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Bob’s Butts


Big skunk with extra junk, commission for Bobskunk.

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Crotchmuzzle Surprise


Hope you didn’t have any plans for the evening.

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Cerbwolf CTF


Technically, our human friend here will be cumming on his own face, but I’m sure they’ll both be enjoying it equally.

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Tazel and Taross Trade


My half of a trade with Tazel featuring hir and Taross making a sexy mess. I highly recommend reading Tazel's detailed description of the event.

In exchange, Tazel wrote this fabulous story about my hydra OC, Jay Hardy, and the unique way he chose to get ahead (har har) in show business.

Also, here’s a 1920×1080 wallpaper version, just in case you want to see this on your computer every day (and why wouldn’t you?).

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Magical Taur Merge


Commission for Sylv and Yatchi

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