Art from 2022

(Mature Section)

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Zach Does Inventory

Gabe’s cousin Zach works the evening shift at a 24-hour convenience store. Tonight’s a slow night, which gives him plenty of time to take care of some other business…

Katrina Sternmeier

Introducing Katrina, Tripp’s wife and Star’s mom.

Painting the Night Sky

Dorothy Braxton giving themselves a good milking.

This was kind of a weird angle to draw from, but I’m proud of the result.

Null Pleasures

A commission for Felthry of their multiwah character, also featuring their friend Emil Socks, a catbat. A lot of extras going on here, plus some null patch pleasuring, which isn’t something I do often.


Eskil, an equitaur who’s got some magic powers and a lot of flair…

Tyrone Alone

Starting 2022 of right with some vaguely demonic cerberus wolf porn.

Tyrone is free; the curse has been lifted…or has it just grown more powerful?