Art from 2023

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Doubledog Fap

Ever wish you could frot with yourself?

Talk About Moving the Goalposts…

More arms = more options. You could multitask, or you could do just one task more efficiently.

Here’s Lessi showing how he keeps all those hands busy off the court. This is a normal part of training, right?

Sam and Cosmos — Doubled Liger

NSFW version of this pic, for Juniper, featuring her magical dog character, Sam, and her partner, Cosmos Liger

Too Tired to Fap

Gabe could use a hand or two.


My brain said, “Let’s draw the most vixenish boy we can imagine.”

He looks happy to see you.


A 12′ tall wolfdog who’s both Gabe’s grandma and grandpa. It’s rumored that their grandmother is Echinda herself, the mother of all monsters.

I’m thinking that maybe in this universe, the older generations of “monster races” have more exotic bodies and stronger magical abilities.

Dama is also filthy rich, but nobody knows exactly where they get their money from.

Brent and Ryan Pawing Off

Sharing a body means also sharing all the naughty bits and all the urges that come with them. Good thing is, their accidental fusion also gave them a cock that’s about twice the size of an average fox cock, so it’s big enough for both of them to handle.

These Cocks Don’t Stop

Let’s face it, that house will never be clean again.

Four Hands, Five Star Service

Bobby the bellhop having some fun off the clock with Henri, a professional stage magician.

This hotel gets rave reviews for its room service, although this is probably not the reason.